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    5 I’m plum tuckered out. 6. Unitary adjective agential magùjī, mahàukàcī, mahaukacìyā, mahàukàtā, participial bùgaggē, dàfaffiyā, simple bàbba, kōrìyā, derived from abstract nouns (of sensory quality) zurfī zùzzurfar rījìyā/rījìyā zùzzurfā rījiyōyī/nījiyōyī kyâu kyàkkyāwan àbù taurī tàttauran augmentative adjectives (3 types): i. ) fankam-fànkàm ii. ) fankamēmìyar hanyā/hanyā fankamēmìyā iii. ) fankam-fànkàm 1 2 pl. 7. below) can function as pre-head modifiers, as heads and as post-head modifiers.

    Sai da suka gitta titin ne muka ga alamar biyowarsu ta lungun nan muka ji harbi. Translate: 1 Take a leaf out of his book. 2 Sources in the office of the President have refused to confirm or deny the reports. 3 A story like this one is hard to believe. 4 Some of the people were there when it happened. 20. Adverbial phrase The adverbial phrase is a tightly bound combination of adverbials made up of a unitary adverb (which can be locative, temporal or stative) plus simple adverb adverbial compound adverbial complex (either dàgà…or dà…) a second adverbial phrase it is indivisible normally the second part is more specific than the first normally both are of the same category, but locative can be followed by manner.

    1962. Observations sur le degré causatif dans un parler Haoussa du Niger. Lukas, J. 1963/64. Der II Stamm des Verbums im Hausa. Pilszczikowa, N. 1969. The Changing Form (Grade 2) of the Verb in Hausa. W. 1962. Further observations on the ‘causative’ Grade of the verb in Hausa. W. 1971/72. Suppletion and neutralization in the verbal system of Hausa. Newman, Paul. 1977. Chadic extensions and pre-dative verb forms in Hausa. Jaggar, Philip J. 1981. Varieties of passive in Hausa. Furniss, Graham. 1981.

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