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By Committee on Creating a Vision for Space Medicine During Travel Beyond Earth Orbit, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Institute of Medicine, John R. Ball, Jr. Charles H. Evans

Record examines the problems surrounding astronaut healthiness and defense for lengthy length area missions. Softcover. DNLM: Aerospace Medicine--standards.

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NASA should establish an organizational component headed by an official who has authority over and accountability for all aspects of astronaut health, including appropriate policy-making, operational, and budgetary authority. S. presence in Earth orbit. NASA image. 22 1 Astronaut Health Beyond Earth Orbit . . if any man could arrive at the exterior limit [deepest space], . . he would see a world [universe] beyond [the Earth]; and, if the nature of man could sustain the sight, he would acknowledge that this other world [universe] was the place of the true heaven and the true light and the true earth.

Evaluating personality measures in the development of valid and reliable procedures for the screening and selection of astronauts and determining the extent to which intelligence and aptitude measures may predict performance more accurately than the more commonly applied personality measures. 13. Developing and evaluating screening and selection procedures that validly and reliably discriminate effective group interaction skills and competences. 14. Developing and refining training technologies including automated training for the preparation of multinational space-dwelling microsocieties as well as their Earthbound support groups including those related to the interactions of individuals and small groups in the context of distributed ground-based and space-dwelling performance sites.

The risks to human health of long-duration missions beyond Earth orbit, if not solved, represent the greatest challenge to human exploration of deep space. The development of solutions is complicated by lack of a full understanding of the nature of the risks and their fundamental causes. • The unique environment of deep space presents challenges that are both qualitatively and quantitatively different from those encountered in Earth orbit. Risks are compounded by the impossibility of a timely 5 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BOX 1 Clinical Research Opportunities for Astronaut Health Musculoskeletal System 1.

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