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By Dan Breznitz

Few observers are unimpressed by means of the commercial ambition of China or through the nation's awesome fee of development. yet what does the long run carry? This meticulously researched booklet heavily examines the strengths and weaknesses of the chinese language economic climate to find the place the kingdom could be headed and what the chinese language adventure unearths approximately rising industry economies. The authors locate that opposite to renowned trust, state-of-the-art innovation isn't really a prerequisite for sustained monetary vitality-and that China is an ideal for instance.

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This means that the production of goods and services is no longer organized in vertically integrated hierarchical companies located in one country. Corporations increasingly break their activities into smaller, discrete modules and outsource or offshore them (Arndt and Kierzkowski 2001; Dossani and Kenney 2003; Gereffi et al. 2005; Gourevitch 2000; Kenney and Florida 2004; Sturgeon 2002, 2003). This process of fragmentation has changed the international economic system, leading different regions to specialize in specific stages of production for particular industries (Baldwin and Clark 1997, 2000; Berger 2006; Breznitz 2007b; Brown and Linden 2005; Ernst 2005; Fuller et al.

A perfect example of China’s long-term blurred view of IPR can be seen in the experience of Baidu, the dominant Chinese search engine. Baidu owes its meteoric rise as China’s most popular search engine not only to its quite impressive Chinese-language search technology but also to the fact that it offered users the ability to find and download musical files for free (this function was removed in January 2008). As with other areas of the IT industry, once Baidu began to reach abroad—in this case, into the Japanese market— and to achieve a certain critical mass as a company, the rules and regulations regarding its behavior moved more in line with established international practice.

It is these institutions that create the national framework within The White Knight Avoided which China’s local economies operate. As we will show in detail in Chapters Two to Five, one of the main impacts of these national institutions is to reduce long-term risk taking in both large and small companies, including both “protected” state-owned conglomerates and private companies. Consequently, national policies limit the development of new technology, one of the most highrisk economic activities undertaken by either public or private economic actors.

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