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And 14310,69 and $9 [Pearce 1972a,b]. , 1972a,b]. netizationare availablefor the samplefrom differentlabs. Figure16 illustratesa thermaldemagnetization of 14053,48. In particular,the marebasalts In all casesthe directionalchangesof the NRM are 15555 and 15556, which were collectedcloseto the rim of limited duringthis very substantialdemagnetization both HadleyRilleandmaywellrepresent localmaterial,contain little iron and exhibit very small NRM. Demagnetization Sample14310wasstudiedby Pearceet al.

1971]. e- ß-e-•• -13- 10048, 55 10059, 24 10085, 13 12073, 24. I•4 15597, 28 662, 2 •E 4•)0 20O • ' (OE:Peak) (0[ Peak) Fig. 18a. , 1971]. Fig. 17. , 1972b]; 15555,108; 15597,28;and 1566'2,2[Hargravesand Dorety, 1972]. very low fieldsand then an extremelystableremanentmagnetization. In 10048,55 and 10085,13,1 some decreaseof remanenceis found in the highestfield, but in 12073almost invariant behavior is found in high fields. The directional changesrecordedfor thesesamplesare variable, 10085,13,1 beingthe most stable,but 10048,55exhibitingconsiderable 2.

In larger particles,which are multidomain,the effect arisesbecausecertain walls or parts of walls are locally pinnedwith energiesnot much greaterthan KT. , 1972b]. 60e in an infinitelylong time to the stable part of NRM. ) In type I samplesthe ratio VRM/NRM igneous rocks and the annealed breccias. Since the ratios (0) is <<1. 1. On the other hand, 14053and the annealedbrecciascontainsomesingle-domain iron. As Gose et al. [1972a, b] also note, the resultinglog (t) dependenceis typical of multidomain viscosity.

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