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Why and the way have whites joined the struggle opposed to white supr

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We thought surely we’d land on our feet.

In March 1968, the Kerner Commission appointed by President R ACISM AND R ESISTANCE 21 Johnson informed Americans that if then-current policies continued, the result would be the permanent division of the country into two separate societies. Congress responded by passing the 1968 Fair Housing Act, which banned discrimination in the sale or rental of housing, but the act was not implemented and its flaws had to be remedied by the 1989 Fair Housing Amendments Act (Massey & Denton, 1993, pp. 55–59; 208–212).

After that summer she attended school where there were only white children. The family had a succession of cooks and servants, and gradually Virginia was taught that they were not like the Fosters (Durr, 1985; V. Durr, interview with author, February 8, 1981). Soon after Nursie left the Fosters, Virginia’s family suffered another trauma. Her father was thrown out of his pulpit at South Highland Presbyterian Church, whose members were wealthy, leading citizens with deeply fundamentalist beliefs.

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