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Miami Herald, July 31, 2000. Copyright © 2000 by the Miami Herald. Reproduced by permission of the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. 40 AI Reality TV INT 10/7/03 11:47 AM Page 41 Reality TV Encourages Racial Stereotyping 41 Written before housemates and viewers made Will, the lone black man rattling around that claustrophobic inner sanctum known as “Big Brother,” the first to be “banished” from his show, the posting sparked debate on race and image. But the issue is hardly new. As a black guy, I’ve long been peeved with reality TV’s portrayal of black men.

Others aren’t so sure. -based fashion/lifestyle magazine aimed at young black men. “I can’t help but notice stereotypes in TV in general. You have all these shows like ‘Felicity,’ ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘90210’ that portray white boys as very sweet, concerned and contemplative. But when it comes time to cast a black person, they always play up the image of the angry black man. ’ I’m not constantly enraged, and a lot of the things that enrage me aren’t necessarily race-oriented,” he says. “I might be offended by a lot of things—the proliferation of boy bands—but my rage doesn’t always focus on white people.

Those longer David Hiltbrand, “It’s Like a Teen Thing: They’re Driving the Shift to Reality TV,” Philadelphia Inquirer, March 20, 2003. Copyright © 2003 by Philadelphia Inquirer. Reproduced by permission. 54 AI Reality TV INT 10/7/03 11:47 AM Page 55 Teenagers Identify with the Issues in Reality TV Shows 55 shows may help explain why grown-ups watch far more TV than young folks do. As for reality shows, they hold down three of the top four slots for the teen group. Those viewers’ appetite for such programming extends to such otherwise marginal offerings as “Fear Factor” (No.

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