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By James O Hamblen; Tyson S Hall; Michael D Furman

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14 Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems Chapter 1 Connecting the Signal Lines When you move the mouse cursor near a wire, the cursor changes into a crosshair. Move to one end of a wire you need to add and push and hold down the left mouse button. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the end of the wire to the other point that you want to connect. Release the left button to connect the wire. If you need to delete a wire, click on it – the wire should turn blue when selected. Hit the delete key to remove it.

This causes high currents, which can overheat and damage devices after several minutes. To eliminate the possibility of any damage to the board, the following option should always be set in a new project. On the menu bar, select Assignments Device then click the Device and Pin Options button. Click on the Unused Pins tab and check the As inputs, tri-stated option. Click OK and then OK in the first window. qsf file. Any time you create a new project repeat this step. 2 Compiling the Design Compiling your design checks for syntax errors, synthesizes the logic design, produces timing information for simulation, fits the design on the selected FPGA, and generates the file required to download the program.

9. COMPLETED TUTORIAL FILES ARE AVAILABLE ON THE TEXT’S DVD. IN THE BOOK’S DESIGN EXAMPLES, ADDITIONAL DE1 RELATED MATERIALS CAN BE FOUND IN THE BOOKSOFT_FE\DE1\CHAPX DIRECTORIES. 6 Downloading Your Design to the DE2 Board Hooking Up the DE2 Board to the Computer If you have a DE1, UP2 or UP3 board refer to the download Sections on those boards. 16, plug the USB download cable into the DE2 board’s USB connector (leftmost of the three USB connectors on the top left side of the board) and attach the other end to an open USB port on the PC.

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