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American originals: homemade varieties of Christianity

In a piece of outstanding breadth and readability, Paul Conkin bargains an even-handed and in-depth examine the key American-made kinds of Christianity—a various workforce of non secular traditions, every one of which displays an important holiday from western Christian orthodoxy. determining six unique forms, Conkin examines the key denominations consultant of every unique number of American Christianity: recovery (Churches of Christ, Disciples of Christ); humanistic (Unitarians, Universalists); apocalyptic (Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses); Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints); religious (Christian technological know-how, Unity); and ecstatic (Holiness and Pentecostal denominations).

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There was a French scientist who had written a book in which he narrated an experience he had had in the Jardin des 43 Questions and Answers Plantes. He wanted to know to what extent reason can have an effect over reflexes. I don’t remember now — for years I knew his name; I have forgotten it, but still the story remains. He was a well-known scientist and he has written about his experiment in a book. It is often quoted as an example. He was very much interested in knowing to what extent reason, intelligence with clear knowledge, could have an effect upon reflexes, that is, upon movements which come up spontaneously from the subconscious, automatic movements, and he made this experiment: he went to the Jardin des Plantes in Paris where not only plants but animals also are kept.

One may not have the power of keeping it all the time, but can get it at will. Then, from that moment things become very easy. When one feels a difficulty or there is a problem to be solved, when one wants to make progress or there is just a depression to conquer or an obstacle to be overcome or else simply for the joy of identification (for it is an experience that gives a very concrete joy; at the moment of identification one truly feels a very, very great joy), then, at any moment whatever, one may pause, concentrate for a while and aspire, and quite naturally the contact is established and all problems which were to be solved are solved.

Why does the body get tired? We have more or less regular activities, but one day we are full of energy and the next day we are quite tired. Generally this comes from a kind of inner disequilibrium. There may be many reasons for it, but it all comes to this: a sort of disequilibrium between the different parts of the being. Now, it is also possible that the day one had the energy, one spent it too much, though this is not the case with children; children spend it until they can no longer do so.

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