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Ever on account that severe Programming burst directly to the appliance improvement scene in 1998, it's been a lightning rod for controversy. With its emphasis on programmer-based improvement, many execs like it. in spite of the fact that, severe Programming contradicts a number of the conventional ideals in software program improvement; for that reason, many pros hate it. both manner, power adopters and competitors want to make judgements on severe Programming. In wondering severe Programming, writer Pete McBreen places this agile method of software improvement less than the microscope, and heavily examines each side of this heated debate.

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Developers want a process with minimum bureaucracy that allows them to correct any mistakes that are made quickly. They want a process that reflects the way that software is really developed, not a hollow process that rigidly specifies how to document inappropriate deliverables without giving any guidance regarding how to create great software. Experience, Talent, and Tacit Knowledge A common criticism of Extreme Programming and the other Agile approaches is that they rely too heavily on the expertise of the developers in the team.

As a developer, I am attracted toward the ideas behind XP, mainly because most of the developers I have talked to that have worked on XP projects have really enjoyed the experience. org) to many project teams. Although I have never worked on a full XP project, I have worked on a team that initially claimed that it was going to be doing XP, but actually turned out to be doing something that was vaguely related to some of the XP practices. As much as possible, I have tried to present both sides of the debate surrounding Extreme Programming without getting into the continual flame-fest that discussions on Usenet newsgroups and e-mail lists often contain.

They are vastly different from the assumptions made by traditional software projects that assemble a team, deliver an application to a maintenance department, and then disband the team. These teams want to deliver as fast as possible, be as productive as possible, and then move on to other challenges. They do not want to get stuck in maintenance. The mismatch in assumptions is where much of the controversy is grounded. XP is optimized for a different outcome using strategies that are inappropriate for the traditional project-driven approach.

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