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2. 1) of Phlegyas' founding of Phlegya, whence his people continued to plunder their neighbors, until finally they marched on Delphi. One gathers that Phlegyas himself is no longer alive. On Apollo's destruction of them see also Schol. T on II. 302; Soer. EpiJl. 8 (Hercher). According to the Scholiast he cast them down to Tartaros. See Schultz (1882). tl See Havet (1888) 164: Phlegyas n'est pas un de ces personnages c1assiques COrnme Ulysse ou Oedipe, qui, longuement elabores par Ie genie des grands artistes.

Notice too that Koronos' name appears to mean Crow, a masculine form of the usual noun; also that Phlegyas' daughter is Koronis. See Ovid MtJ. 413 f. ' Vet. on Lyk. ' Vet. on Apollon. Arg. 1218. 115. Lapithes: Diod. 1. Dryops was S~rcheios' son: Nic. ap. Ant. Lib. 1 i Pherek. ' on Arg. 1212, who cites him. Arkas as father of Dryops is probably a mistake (Strabo. 13, p. 373). On Dryope see p. 57. 11 Lapith Dryas: II. 263; Shitld 179; Ovid Md. 290-315, who calls him JatDUJ (296). Calydonian Dryas: Apollod.

For the drtlkaina unnamed see also Pluto Mor. 414A, 988A. For the masculine De/phY1J2s see also Schol. Vet. on Eur. Plwen. ; Suid. a 210; Apost. 10. I1rg. 706. Hcsych. 6. 603 calls the male serpent Delphys. For the female Lamia of Delphi see pp. 44 f. • Simonides, frag. 26A Bergk, ap. -Jul. Epist. 24. p. 3950. AHS state flatly (p. " But 1 am inclined to think that Simonides used the name. Pseudo-Julian says. m1V WS 'P1f71V (:&~P~i) b::upWo-aro. }"MII OlVTOJ! is often derived from his killing of Python.

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