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By O. T Oss, O N Oeric, Kat, Irimias the Obscure

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In the method outlined here, casing consists of removing the dome and band lid of the jar, and covering the surface of the permeated rye with about Vi to % in. (Vi cup for quart jars) of sterilized soil (Fig. 40 & 41). The soil can be applied while dry, but then should immediately be shaken level, then wetted to field capacity using chlorine-free tap or distilled water applied in a fine-mist spray (Fig. 42 & 43). A fine-mist spray must be used to avoid sealing the surface of the casing soil. Field capacity can be gauged by the following rule of thumb: spray the casing soil just enough so that the soil is moistened throughout, but no water passes through the soil i n t o the mycelium.

There are others again, which without inducing laughter, bring before the eye all sorts of things, such as wars and the likeness of demons. Yet others there are not less desired by princes for their festivals and banquets, and these fetch a high price. With night-long vigils are they sought, awesome and terrifying. This kind is tawny and somewhat acrid/' 1906 Stropharia cubensis is described by Carle in a Cuban agronomy journal. F. Merrill of Yale University published a paper in Science describing the hallucinogenic effects of ingesting Panaeolus papillonaccus from Oxford County, Maine.

Occasionally mushroom primordia will form down toward the bottom of the jar and grow to maturity b u t will not break the surface of the casing soil. It is possible to inhibit this effect somewhat by wrapping jars with tinfoil to the top of the casing soil (Fig. 45). If this begins to happen to a great extent, it is possible to carefully break the jar and remove the mycelium in a single block. Then primordia along the sides of the block, which would otherwise abort due to constriction by the jar, will be able to 48 reach maturity.

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