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By Kenneth G Pryke, Walter C Soderlund

This booklet brings jointly contributions from a variety of themes, together with regionalism, the North, demography, ethnicity, tradition, and recreation, to create an attractive, introductory evaluation of Canadian society. The addition of a brief tale by means of Alistair MacLeod is an inventive departure from the analytical writing of the opposite chapters. This up-to-date variation is an cutting edge textual content that mixes intensity, breadth, sophistication and clarity to provide a accomplished assessment of Canada.

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2 The results of the 2000 federal general election seem to confirm this hypothesis. The Canadian Alliance confirmed its strength in Western Canada, the Liberals maintained their bastion in Ontario, and battled the Bloc Quebkcois in Quebec and the New Democratic and Progressive Conservative Parties in Atlantic Canada for electoral success. Aside from the federal Liberal Party-and perhaps even here only marginally-no party is able to claim “national” status in the sense of having a reasonable expectation of electoral success in all regions of the country.

The ramifications of the 1970 crisis help explain why Quebec separatists and federal politicians both stress that they prefer to rely exclusively on democratic processes. Before and after 1970, politicians made several attempts to cope with the Quebec situation. The Canadian Constitutional Act of 1982 with its Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Meech Lake Accord of 1988, and the Charlottetown Accord of 1992 are discussed in Chapter 8 on politics. Each attempt to deal with the Quebec question appears to have made the situation more complex.

While Creighton stressed the benefits to Central Canada, it was much more difficult to determine from his account how other areas, such as the Maritimes, were expected to benefit. 8 PROFILES OF CANADA This cavalier disregard of the East Coast reflected an all too common negativism toward that region in the writing of Canadian history. More recent work carried out by scholars on Atlantic Canada have maintained that the idea of colonial union had been established in the Maritimes for several decades and reflected a sense of unity based on a common British heritage.

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