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Apple's Xcode three improvement instruments package deal will give you a plethora of undertaking organizers, templates, utilities, and documentation that serves as a fantastic selection in the event that your improvement plans contain operating with Mac OS X or iPhone apps. This ebook takes you on a travel of the Xcode three built-in improvement surroundings and info the fascinating gains of Xcode three, their meant reasons, and the way you could most sensible use them to make your Xcode three workflow seamless, potent, and effective. strengthen, try out, and optimize apps with Apple's Xcode three instruments.

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The one you’ll use the most is the text fi le editor, shown in Figure 2-3. The text editor is context-sensitive, language-aware, and includes auto completion features. It can automatically format, color, and highlight programming symbols and structures. The editor is integrated into the documentation, build system, and debugger. You can look up a symbol defi nition, jump to its declaration, review compiler errors, display the value of a variable, or step through your program without ever leaving the editor window.

If you’ve just launched Xcode, click the big Create New Xcode Project button in the Welcome to Xcode window. 2. In the Application group, choose the Cocoa Application template (the options don’t matter), as shown in Figure 2-2. Click the Choose button. 3. 4. Enter Grand Tour for the project name. Pick a location for the new project and click the Save button. indd 10 1/22/10 11:58:45 PM The Project ❘ 11 Xcode creates a project folder, containing a project document in addition to the source and resource fi les generated by the template.

Indd 12 1/22/10 11:58:46 PM Searching, Symbols, and Refactoring ❘ 13 FIGURE 2-3 Xcode includes other kinds of editors, such as the property list editor, that enable you to edit the content of other document types easily. More sophisticated documents, most notably Interface Builder documents, are edited using separate applications that integrate with Xcode. You can also tap your favorite text, image, audio, or resource editor to augment, or replace, the editors provided by Xcode. Chapter 13 discusses Interface Builder.

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