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By Mark A. Williams

This e-book by no means loses sight of its tutorial project: to successfully make the most of the Oracle database from the .NET atmosphere. even though visible Studio and Oracle shape a favored and robust duo, there's a visible loss of written fabric during this region. the outcome: tasks that regularly prove with less-than-optimal recommendations, because of loss of "synergy" among the appliance developer and the database.
The fundamental code within the e-book might be C#, however the code obtain can also be on hand in VB.NET (with an appendix describing phrases of use). consequently, this booklet presents a one-stop reference for any VS.NET programmer utilizing Oracle. the writer keeps strong concentrate on databases&emdash;emphasizing using particular positive aspects from a visible Studio software. The textual content additionally comprises an important elements of constructing Oracle-based purposes. Assumably, you're already pleased with the VS.NET surroundings, and using this publication, you'll come to paintings successfully with the Oracle database to boot.

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