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If we have an inferiority complex, we believe that we are less effective than those around us, and this belief can affect our whole life and how we relate to the world. Those with a superiority complex, on the other hand, assume, without sufficient evidence, that others are less able or are worth less than they are, and they fail to judge people on their merits. Sometimes a superiority complex hides insecurity, where the person concerned is unable to face the reality that he or she may not be as good as they believe themselves to be.

Theory X (McGregor, 1960) holds certain assumptions about man, such that management acts in accordance with the view that they prefer people to be under control. indd 22 2/6/2009 2:16:57 PM Setting the Scene 23 work, will avoid work when they can and will behave badly at every opportunity if forced to work. Theory Y, on the other hand, holds that people do like work and are naturally active and creative. They can be allowed to decide for themselves how to order their work and are sufficiently responsible as to be able to work without supervision.

6 Suck up to those who matter and suck up well. Identify the key people in the system who will help you. 7 Say one thing and do another. You need to pay lipservice to the organization’s cherished notions of how things should be done. 8 Be a team player, but make sure you beat your fellow team members. 9 Remember that the truth is not always to your advantage. Those who control your future do not necessarily want to hear the bad news. 10 Manipulate the facts to suit your interests. Even when things are bad you should come up smelling of roses.

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