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By Tamar Myers

All antiques broker Abigail Timberlake Washburn sought after was once to discover an ideal present for her darling (if now not altogether jointly) mama Mozella's birthday. She by no means anticipated her on-line buy of a gorgeous, seventeenth-century rosewood linen chest to put her in federal custody, accused of trafficking in unlawful ivory! Then insult is heaped on her damage whilst she's pressured to show to her lawyer-snake ex, Buford, to spring her—since ex-cop /current hubby Greg's “good ol' boy” contacts do not take place to incorporate any feds. Abby should be small in stature, yet she's a strength to be reckoned with while riled—and she's made up our minds to root out the genuine smugglers who she blames for her contemporary indignities. yet in her zeal to stay it to the elephant eliminators who've invaded her loved Charleston, Abby may simply land herself and mama alike as much as their pearly whites in lethally sizzling water!

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We said nothing. We made no eye contact. A woman with particularly large feet planted herself right in front of me. ” It seemed like everyone—except for Cheng— roared with laughter. Of course I was infuriated, 23 Tamar Myers but I realized the futility of trying to win every battle that came my way. So what if they mocked me? I would save my energy for bigger things. “She’s not a little girl,” another woman said. “She’s a doll. ” “You hear that little girl? Doll? Whatever you is? You listen to yo friend, girl, unless you want me to rearrange yo face foh you.

Ours is a very quiet street, and since there are no bed and breakfast establishments anywhere near, a human voice at such a late hour is quite the anomaly. The speaker was either talking to her dog or speaking into her cell phone. In either case, she was not from around here, because be­ havior such as this was just plain rude, and my neighbors are all very polite people. “No, I will not free them; I don’t care what Mr. ” There was something odd about her accent, something I couldn’t put my finger on.

But what I am about to tell you is classified information. That means that your friend here, Mrs. ” 42 P OI SO N I VO RY “Mrs. ” Wynnell and I chorused. ” Wynnell de­ manded. ” 43 5 I called Greg and told him about my unwanted visitor, and then I locked the door, so as not to involve anyone else in the drama that had once been my life. In the meantime Wynnell poured cups of her infamous coffee. With her as my witness, I ushered the hateful man back to the break room, which is barely more than a cubby­ hole furnished with a Craftsman table and four matching chairs.

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