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The Body in the Fjord: A Faith Fairchild Mystery

This day trip, smalltown caterer and minister's spouse religion Fairchild's neighbor, pictures Miller, takes middle level, warding off to Norway to enquire the unexpected disappearance of a kin buddy. made up our minds to find the reality, photographs is drawn right into a suspenseful global of intrigue, stolen antiques, mystery histories, and lethal echoes from Norway's previous and the Nazi career.


From the recent York instances bestselling writer of greater than buddies comes an emotionally charged novel that displays upon the results of 1 irrevocable act. within the idyllic small city of Tucker, Vermont, lifestyles flows at a rhythmic velocity for pediatrician Paige Pfeiffer. but if Mara O'Neill, her ally and scientific associate, inexplicably kills herself, Paige's cozy lifestyles is without warning shattered.


Dependent Sabrina Stone speaks with investigative reporter Derek McGill for just a jiffy, however it is lengthy sufficient to inform her all that she must learn about this being concerned guy. while Derek is convicted of homicide, Sabrina starts off a struggle for his freedom.


A treatise on optics. It comprises all of the uncomplicated themes of the topic written elaborately.

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