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By Djebbar Tiab, Erle C. Donaldson

  • "Presenting options, theories, and lab strategies relating to porous rocks and gases, hydrocarbon beverages, and aqueous ideas, this 3rd version reference (the first used to be released in 1996, and the second one in 2003) has been up-to-date and extended. new chapters on reservoir characterization and on simple well-log interpretation supply the elemental introductory fabric meant as a starting place for additional examine of the themes. Djebbar (petroleum engineering, U. of Oklahoma) and Donaldson (retired after an extended occupation in public, deepest, and educational spheres) introduce mineralogy and petroleum geology prior to masking porosity and permeability, formation resistivity and water saturation, capillary strain, wettability, purposes of Darcy’s legislations, clearly fractured reservoirs, and the influence of tension on reservoir rock houses, between different topics."--Reference and learn booklet News


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Chapter 1 - creation to Mineralogy

, Pages 1-26
Chapter 2 - creation to Petroleum Geology

, Pages 27-83
Chapter three - Porosity and Permeability

, Pages 85-219
Chapter four - Formation Resistivity and Water Saturation

, Pages 221-326
Chapter five - Capillary Pressure

, Pages 327-370
Chapter 6 - Wettability

, Pages 371-418
Chapter 7 - purposes of Darcy’s Law

, Pages 419-483
Chapter eight - clearly Fractured Reservoirs

, Pages 485-552
Chapter nine - impression of rigidity on Reservoir Rock Properties

, Pages 553-666
Chapter 10 - Reservoir Characterization

, Pages 667-714
Chapter eleven - Fluid–Rock Interactions

, Pages 715-801
Chapter 12 - simple Well-Log Interpretation

, Pages 803-827
Appendix - dimension of Rock and Fluid Properties

, Pages 829-912

, Pages 913-950

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Soc Petrol Eng 1968;8(3):107À22. Chapter 2 Introduction to Petroleum Geology REVIEW OF COMPOSITION OF THE GLOBE Geology is the study of the Earth, which is a dynamic system covered by crustal plates that are constantly moving and changing in structure. The crustal plates are driven by deep-lying forces that are not yet completely understood. New crustal plates are being formed by magma rising from molten regions deep in the Earth at mid-ocean rifts. Other crustal plates are being consumed as they are drawn downward into the mantle at subduction zones at the edges of some continents, such as the Pacific coasts of North and South America.

Many hydrocarbon accumulations are associated with unconformities. 6 Illustration of several types of traps: (A) stratigraphic pinch-out trap, (B) trap sealed by a salt dome, (C) trap formed by a normal fault, and (D) domal trap. 7 Unconformity, showing the uplifted, eroded strata overlain in an unconforming pattern by younger sediments. 7). The rocks immediately below an unconformity are likely to be porous and permeable because an unconformity is a zone of erosion that is on top of a weathering zone where water is percolating through the rocks causing solution of some minerals and precipitation of others as cementing agents.

Schlumberger C, Schlumberger M, Leonardon E. Electric coring: a method of determining bottom-hole data by electrical measurements. Trans AIME 1936;110:237À72. 23. Archie GE. Introduction to petrophysics of reservoir rocks. Am Assoc Pet Geol Bul 1950;34 (5):943À61. 24. Archie GE. The electrical resistivity log as an aid in determining some reservoir characteristics. Trans AIME 1942;146:54À62. 25. Ewall, NR. Relationship of pore size distribution to fluid flow. S. thesis, Mewbourne School of Petroleum & Geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 1985.

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