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By David M. Harland

In 'Paving the best way for Apollo eleven' David Harland explains the trap of the Moon to classical philosophers, astronomers, and geologists, and the way NASA got down to examine the Moon in practise for a manned lunar touchdown venture. It focuses relatively at the Lunar Orbiter and Surveyor missions.

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In the case of Earth the units were identified by studies in the field, but for the Moon they would have to be inferred from overhead imagery ± at least until expeditions were made to the lunar surface. Having established that the maria were formed after the Imbrium impact, it was expected that all maria would be able to be assigned to the Procellarian system, but in late 1963, when patches of mare were found to be stratigraphically younger than craters attributed to the Eratosthenian system, the Procellarian system was dismissed and each mare unit was assigned to the system implied by its particular stratigraphy.

In 1946 the RAND Corporation, created as a `think tank' for the Army Air Force, said: ``The achievement of a satellite craft by the United States would inflame the imagination of mankind, and would probably produce repercussions in the world comparable to the explosion of the atomic bomb. [. ] Since mastery of the elements is a reliable index of material progress, the nation which first makes significant achievements in space travel will be acknowledged as the world leader in both military and scientific techniques.

In March 1962 Shoemaker decided to move his team to Flagstaff. The move began in December, but some people refused to relocate and were allowed to remain at Menlo Park. 28 Geologists' Moon STRATIGRAPHIC MAPPING In April 1957 the National Academy of Sciences awarded Kuiper the funding to start work on a new lunar atlas, and supplementary money was provided later in the year by the Air Force. The resulting Photographic Lunar Atlas was published in 1960. 5 metres. P. Wilkins of the Lunar Section of the British Astronomical Association.

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