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By Lane Greer; Steve Diver; Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (Organization)

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The materials needed are relatively simple: a 50100-ft. tape measure; a ruler or straight edge of some sort; some large sheets of tracing paper and graph paper, the latter marked off in grid squares; and a few pencils and erasers. The first step is the development of a base map on the grid paper so that the tracing paper can later be placed over it repeatedly to make the working drawings. In many instances, the survey attached to the property deed can aid in establishing an outline of the boundaries.

Free and easy access to the woodland is a matter of prime importance. Roads and trails provide access but they also lead to, or connect with, points of special interest. Paths do not have to go the most direct route, but can ramble about with unexpected twists and turns. The paths should invite the visitor to continue forward by providing interest and mystery ahead. Stepping stones and bridges over streams or boggy sections are essential. Combine informality and comfortable progress by respecting the contours of the ground.

If their ultimate size is small, more individuals are needed to make a statement. Repeating a plant or a grouping is an effective technique in any garden where there is sufficient room. Remember, a plan is only a guide; undoubtedly some parts will be changed once the plants start to grow. Placement can be adjusted by moving the plants. Page 21 Woodland Gardens Successful woodland gardens depend on the sympathetic interpretation of the site's possibilities and an awareness of appropriate plant associations.

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