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By Benjamin J. Evans, James Gough

At present, no books exist that target the practicalities of Java program functionality tuning, instead of the idea and internals of Java digital machines. This useful advisor is the "missing link" that goals to maneuver Java functionality tuning from the area of guesswork and folklore to an experimental science.

Learn how you can technique functionality difficulties in an constant and systematic approach; get to the bottom of creation functionality matters via studying middle Java functionality themes; determine and get to the bottom of functionality matters earlier than encountering them in construction; comprehend the functionality difficulties you stumble upon by means of studying the Java platform's internals.

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Event Processing in Action

Opher and Peter,

Just received my reproduction of occasion Processing in motion and browse it even though the weekend.
I might say that you simply and Peter produced a real magnum opus. it really is nice!

It will be learn by:
A) each seller that's constructing an EDA/CEP to promote; and
B) each software program engineer who's constructing an EDA/CEP software.

Your ebook is the development processing advisor for a few years to return.
Thank you and congratulations!

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All resources are finite, and all processes are greedy, so the need for a central system to arbitrate and meter access is essential. Among these scarce resources, the two most important are usually memory and CPU time. Virtual addressing via the memory management unit and its page tables are the key feature that enables access control of memory, and prevents one process from damaging the memory areas owned by another. The TLBs that we met earlier in the chapter are a hardware feature that improve lookup times to physical memory.

Without the TLB cache, all virtual address lookups would take 16 cycles, even if the page table was held in the L1 cache. Performance would be unacceptable, so the TLB is basically essential for all modern chips. Branch Prediction and Speculative Execution One of the advanced processor tricks that appears on modern processors is branch prediction. info Modern Processor Features ate a value needed for a conditional branch. Modern processors have multistage instruction pipelines. This means that the execution of a single CPU cycle is broken down into a number of separate stages.

To solve this problem, CPU caches were introduced. These are memory areas on the CPU that are slower than CPU registers, but faster than main memory. The idea is for the CPU to fill the cache with copies of often-accessed memory locations rather than constantly having to re-address main memory. Modern CPUs have several layers of cache, with the most-often-accessed caches being located close to the processing core. The cache closest to the CPU is usually called L1, with the next being referred to as L2, and so on.

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