Download openFrameworks Essentials by Denis Perevalov, Igor (Sodazot) Tatarnikov PDF

By Denis Perevalov, Igor (Sodazot) Tatarnikov

Create lovely, interactive openFrameworks-based functions with this fast moving guide

About This Book

  • Generate 2D and 3D pix with openFrameworks
  • Create a video synthesizer undertaking and run it on multi-platform devices
  • Use networking and Arduino to regulate your application

Who This booklet Is For

If you're a programmer, visible artist, or clothier with event in artistic coding, and wish to take advantage of openFrameworks to create enjoyable, beautiful, and interactive functions, this is often the booklet for you. simple wisdom of programming languages, equivalent to C++, Java, Python, or JavaScript, should be adequate to continue with the book.

What you are going to Learn

  • Install openFrameworks and create a brand new project
  • Generate second and 3D graphics
  • Mix photos and movies and method them with shaders
  • Add GUI controls and alter them from exterior units and apps utilizing the OSC protocol
  • Control parameters with a timer, Perlin noise, and sound and textual content files
  • Use the Arduino to regulate your application
  • Build a video synthesizer project
  • Run your venture on iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi devices

In Detail

openFrameworks is a cross-platform programming toolkit and library to accomplish inventive coding in C++. It includes all you want to successfully enforce real-time initiatives, comparable to producing second and 3D photographs, processing video and sound, and utilizing networking.

openFrameworks necessities is a consultant that may be used for studying and utilizing openFrameworks to advance artistic and inventive real-time functions. it's a fast moving instructional that starts with fitting openFrameworks, after which takes a step by step procedure in the direction of utilizing openFrameworks to construct a video synthesizer venture. we are going to examine and enforce beneficial properties equivalent to 2nd and 3D photographs, GUI, shaders, response on sound, the OSC networking protocol, and the Arduino.

This booklet will empower you with the sensible abilities required to construct inventive apps and initiatives utilizing openFrameworks.

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Extra info for openFrameworks Essentials

Sample text

You will obtain the image, as shown in the following screenshot: This is an image generated using semitransparent triangles [ 47 ] Adding a GUI and Handling Keyboard Events If you want to reproduce exactly this image, use the parameters shown in this screenshot: The parameters used to generate the previous image In this screenshot, the a slider is set to 30, but its slider is invisible on the screen! This is caused by the fact that the r, g, b, and a sliders are drawn using the color they constitute; in our case, these are 0, 0, 0, and 30.

The default value is 20. ofCircle( 0, 0, 50 ); //A circle ofSetCircleResolution(40); //A smoother circle [ 30 ] Result Chapter 2 Function and description ofFill() This enables the filling of drawn shapes (it is enabled by default). ofNoFill() This disables the filling of drawn shapes. Code example Result ofFill(); ofRect( 0, 0, 100, 50 ); //Filled rectangle ofNoFill(); ofRect( 0, 0, 100, 50 ); //Unfilled rectangle All coordinates and parameters in the drawing functions are floats, except the argument of the ofSetCircleResolution command, which should be an integer.

36 ] Adding a GUI and Handling Keyboard Events Most of the real-time projects, including video synthesizers, need to be interactive. The simple way to do it is to equip the project with a GUI and handle keyboard events. In this chapter, we will consider how to do this by covering the following topics: • Creating a GUI with sliders and checkboxes • Handling keyboard events • Saving screenshots • Working with presets • Using system dialogs to save and load files Finally, we will implement an advanced method for generating geometric patterns, called matrix pattern generator.

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