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By Elizabeth Emma Ferry

Elizabeth Ferry explores how individuals of the Santa Fe Cooperative, a silver mine in Mexico, supply desiring to their hard work in an period of rampant globalization. She analyzes the cooperative's practices and the significance of patrimonio (patrimony) of their figuring out of labor, culture, and neighborhood. extra in particular, she argues that patrimonio, a trust that convinced assets are inalienable possessions of a neighborhood collective handed all the way down to next generations, has formed and sustained the cooperative's feel of identification.

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Instead of wages, Cooperative members receive advances (anticípos) of future profits (although they are still paid different rates depending on their particular job). They include food, medicine, construction materials, educational loans, textbooks, and other occasional benefits. Cooperative jefes (leaders or chiefs; see chapter 6), members, and outsiders very often said to me that the Cooperative differs from other mining companies in Guanajuato (and other enterprises in general) in that it has a “social goal” ( fin social ): to preserve the source of jobs ( guardar la fuente de trabajo).

Its architecture demonstrates much more than industrial utility. The walls of this chapel are freshly whitewashed, and cut flowers are placed on the altar weekly. Swallows swoop and roost among the beams. s a n ta f e c o o p e rat i v e  The Valenciana is the most famous of the Cooperative mines. It was mined extensively from its first bonanza in 1768 to the beginning of the War of Independence in 1810. In 1804 Alexander von Humboldt reported that “in 1771 they [the owners of the mine, António Obregón y Alcocer and Pedro Feliciano Otero] drew enormous masses of silver and from that period until 1804, when I quitted New Spain, the mine of Valenciana has continually yielded an annual produce of more than 14 millions of livres Tournois (L583,380)” (Humboldt 1811: 153).

1 Mine Town Road  s a n ta f e c o o p e rat i v e ing concerns of long standing in which labor and familial traditions tend to accrue over time (cf. Godoy 1985). The Cooperative holds the concessions to seven mines in and around the city of Guanajuato and also runs a mineral concentration plant, a series of workshops for support services, two tourist sites, a construction company, a silversmith, and a ceramics workshop. 1 Mineral grades in the Cooperative are approximately one gram of gold and 100–125 grams of silver per metric ton (Annual Reports 1977–97, Sociedad Cooperativa Minero-Metalúrgica Santa Fe de Guanajuato).

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