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By A. Ralph Epperson

Ralph Epperson has spent years reserching the heritage of the 2 aspects of the nice Seal, and has chanced on that those that designed them dedicated the United States to what has been known as ''A mystery Destiny''. This destiny future is so disagreeable that those that sought after the switch it includes needed to disguise that fact in symbols.

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On February 5, 1962, will revolutionize the world. Before the close of the century he will bring together all mankind in one all-embracing faith. Mankind will begin to feel the great force of this man in the early 1980's, and during the subsequent ten years the world as we know it will be reshaped into one without wars and suffering. " 85 So, according to this "vision," a child, born on February 5, 1962, will grow up to bring a one-world religion onto the face of the earth, and his efforts will be successful in 1999.

In the mythology of the primitive world, the serpent is universally the symbol of the sun. " 140 He then discussed a coin minted in Tyre, the center of the ancient Phoenician culture. ) It depicted a serpent entwined around a tree stump. To the left of the stump stood an empty cornucopia, and to the right a flourishing palm tree. The snake on the coin is the symbol of the powerful god whom the Romans 43 CHAPTER 7 SERPENTS, STARS AND SUNS called Aesculapius. " "In mythology, Aesculapius was believed to be the child of the Sun, and thus the 'enlightener' of mankind.

It has been suggested that Baphomet is none other than the Ancient of Days, or Creator. " 139 So, according to this Mason, the snake or serpent is somehow a symbol of the subject of the Masonic worship, and apparently this fact is the secret that the Masons cannot reveal to the rest of the world. A Christian minister, Reverend Alexander Hislop, wrote a book that included some discussion on the subject of serpent worship. In that book, entitled TWO BABYLONS, he explained that serpent worship was not something that is recent in time.

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