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Learn how one can purchase traditional items — from Tabasco sauce to vinegar, from cleaning soap to flour — to manage pests and improve the expansion of your greens, roses, bushes, and garden, organically.

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Write to whatever company sells product and tell them that you want them to stop adding it to the pyrethrum. Better yet, tell the manager of the store where you bought it. At present, almost all liquid pyrethrum products have this additive. I do not suggest using any product that contains PB. Avoid using if you are a senior citizen, under 18 years old, chemically sensitive; especially don‘t use it if you are pregnant. Instead I suggest that you make your own liquid pyrethrum. You will need a good quart sprayer.

Use as little as needed around plants to protect them from snails. Tangelfoot, made of castor oil and wax, placed around the trunk of a tree also makes an excellent barrier. Add cayenne pepper (or any hot barriers such as chili) to increase effectiveness. A foot wide barrier of any of the above should be placed around the edge of your garden or beds. Replace regularly. This will keep snails and other crawling insects from visiting your garden. Ocean sand works well, too. Other barriers you can use are crushed egg shells or aluminum screening around raised beds—bend the edges out to keep the snails from crawling over.

Three-quarters of the air we breathe comes from diatoms. As the diatom dies, the dia-earth falls to the bottom of the lake or ocean in which they lived. Layers of this silica form and do not degrade. After 150 millions years of this, we now have rich deposits of this substance. DE is chemically identical to quartz and white ocean sand. DE is totally harmless to mammals if eaten and is recommended to be given to your animals as part of their diet. Many years ago when tests were run on the toxicity of DE, it was found to be beneficial to the animals fed with it as they gained weight and seemed healthier then those not fed DE.

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