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By Cornelis C. Berg

This name is monograph eighty three within the plant life Neotropica sequence. during this monograph, Berg offers revised remedies of 9 genera-Bagassa, Batocarpus, Clarisia, Dorstenia, Maclura, Morus, Poulsenia, Sorocea, and Trophis-containing seventy seven species. 8 new species and new subspecies have been came across for those genera in the course of the coaching of this monograph. This crew of genera is very varied, containing many frequent and/or universal species for which quite a few collections were tested and indexed. The kinfolk creation comprises taxonomic historical past, morphology, pollination and dispersal, distribution and ecology, class, diversification, use, and conservation, and is supplemented with short introductions to the tribe Ficeae and the genus Ficus. For the genera handled in flowers Neotropica No. 7, the additions and corrections contain: revised descriptions of numerous species and subspecies, a few because of fusion of species formerly well-known as special; variety extensions; new combos; remedies of recent taxa; supplemental reviews; and revised keys to a number of genera.

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Extra info for Moreae, Artocarpeae, and Dorstenia (Moraceae): With Introductions to the Family and Ficus and With Additions and Corrections to Flora Neotropica Monograph 7(Flora Neotropica Mongraph No. 83)

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98674 (NY, U, US, VEN); between Villa Paez & Tama, Rio Tachira, 20002200 m, 25 May 1967 ($ fl), Steyermark et al. 98852 (MO, US, VEN); 30 km S of Alquitrana, Rio Quinimari, 2400 m, 21 Jan 1968 (a'), Steyermarket al. 101253 (VEN). TRUJILLO:Dtto. Bocon6, Montafias de Missisi, old rd. Trujillo-Bocon6, 12 km NW of Bocon6, 200-2400 m, 31 Oct 1990 (a'), Dorr et al. 7523 (BG, MO, NY). ECUADOR. AZUAY: Guaillo, 2300 m, 30 Oct 1994 (R fl), Cornejo et al. 3479 (BG). BOLIVAR:Milagro, 2000 m, 7 Oct 1943 (st), Acosta S.

895 (COL). RISARALDA:Mun. Pereira, Parque Natural Regional Ucumari, between La Pastora & Ceylan, 2400 m, 2 Dec 1989 (da), Franco et al. 2895 (COL). VALLE: Rio Cali, Quebrada Honda, La Glorieta, rd. to Miralindo, 2100-2250 m, 31 Oct 1944 (e), Cuatrecasas 18405 (F, VALLE); Rio Cali, confluence of Rio Pichidecito & Rio Pichinde, 1580-1650 m, 7 Nov 1944 (? fl-fr), Cuatrecasas 18777 (F, VALLE); Rio Pichinde, between Los Carpatos & El Olivo, 2200-2900 m, 26 Jul-6 Aug 1946 (a), Cuatrecasas 21735 (F, US).

Gentry 3657 (F, K, MO, NA); Fronteras, 25 Sep 1890 (st), Hartman 974 (MO, NY); Magdalena, 24 May 1925 (st), Kennedy 7038 (MO, US); Guadeloupe basin, 27 Aug 1893 (st), Morton 2054 & 2055 (US); 5 mi E of Esqueda, rd. to Rio de la Tierra, ca. 1400 m, 14 May 1948 (? fr), Wiggins 11764 (MICH, US). TAMAULIPAS: Sierra San Carlos, nr. Marmolejo, La Morita, 1700 m, 2 Aug 1930 (st), Bartlett 10775 (MICH, US); Sierra San Carlos, Cerro Zamora, nr. El Milagro, 25 Aug 1930 (st), Bartlett 11124 (F, MICH, US); nr.

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