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By Tamar Myers

Charleston antiques broker Abigail Timberlake Washburn is delighted via her fresh property public sale buy of a marvelous bejeweled birdcage from India, yet now not quite a bit by means of its occupant, a mouthy mynah named Monet. nonetheless, her buyers on the Den of Antiquity look charmed by means of the unbearable birdbrain, so Abby figures she's caught with him. that's, until eventually she unearths a crammed starling resting on his ordinary perch with a ransom be aware challenging a true Monet (the painted kind) in alternate for her purloined puppy. in view that she does not occur to have a precious masterpiece available -- and because a mynahless lifestyles is not all that distasteful a prospect -- Abby figures she'll allow the thief maintain the aggravating avian. but if her mama Mozella is kidnapped through the craven birdnapper, Abby needs to jump into the fray to rescue mater and mynah alike ... prior to the feathers quite begin to fly!

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