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By Joachim Carl

This booklet treats box gardening in troughs and on slabs, offering directions for building of troughs and slabs and suggesting optimum plant combos.

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The more indentations, the more authentic the appearance. Now brush all surfaces once again with the bristle brush to round and smooth all edges. The trough exterior should now have a truly weathered appearance. Even veteran trough builders are continually surprised at how authentic and natural such troughs lookjust like (or almost like) old stone troughs. Removal of Core Form and Dowels The core form which had been providing added stability during the curing and finishing process is removed two or three days after surface treatment, at the earliest.

It is always advantageous to ensure that the base and sides of the trough are not overly thin. The base, in particular, should always be thicker than the sides, preferably in a ratio of 8:5. Even with smaller troughs the walls and bottoms should be no less than 2 in. thick (5 cm). Keep the Separation To maintain the distance between the wall of the form and the core before and during the molding process, saw spacers in the desired width or thickness of the walls. If planning on using the core form for other troughs of other dimensions, divide the block into two larger and one smaller block.

These vessels need only be able to withstand weather and the effects of frost without damage. Such containers can be designed very attractively, for example with a natural dwarf conifer, at whose feet pillows and mats of ground cover can Window box planted with perennials. Page 22 spread so as to eventually grow over the edge of the container. Such plantings are very attractive and can be placed wherever there is open space, but never indoors as artificial heat and indoor air harms most alpines.

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