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This paintings originated in a sequence of lectures on meson and baryon ex­ pointed out states which I gave on the Stanford Linear Accelerator heart within the fall of 1962. The notes of those lectures have been issued as a Stanford Uni­ versity file (SLAC-13) in March, 1963. within the fall of 1963, I gave a revised set of lectures on meson and baryon spectroscopy at Indiana college. In either instances, the talks got basically for experi­ psychological physicists. In getting ready the notes of those talks for e-book, i've got further a few introductory fabric on pions, nucleons, kaons, and hyperons. My major emphasis is at the experimental evidence in regards to the spectros­ replica of the mesons and baryons and at the use of conservation legislation of their interpretation. i've got both pointed out in short or passed over totally reasons which rely on dynamical versions. even supposing i've got given a couple of evidence in regards to the electromagnetic and vulnerable decays of a few mesons and baryons, i haven't mentioned the speculation of those decays. this isn't a complete evaluate of the topic of the strongly interacting debris, and the record of references isn't really entire. additionally, i haven't consistently committed time to a topic in share to its impor­ tance, yet have spent extra time on subject matters that have rather me. however, i am hoping that i've got supplied an invaluable precis of an important proof concerning the spectroscopy of the mesons and baryons.

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61 13. Selection rules A. Meson decays If a meson decays into strongly interacting particles with a full width at half maximum which is about 1 MeV or greater, it is reasonable that it decays via strong interactions. If the width is too small to be measured by usual techniques but the particle travels too short a distance to be measured before decaying, the decay is probably either strong or electromagnetic. Finally if the particle has a lifetime of the order of 10- 10 sec or longer, the decay is weak.

This is a lifetime characteristic of a particle which decays by weak interactions. The best theoretical calculation of the pion lifetime was made by GOLDBERGER and TREIMAN (1958) using dispersion relations. They obtained agreement with experiment within 20%. + + v" being dominant. 3) where the F's are partial decay widths. A theoretical calculation of Rl has been made using quantum electrodynamics and is in agreement with the experimental value. The ratio Rs is in agreement with the prediction of the V - A theory of weak interactions (FEYNMAN 1958, MARSHAK 1958, SAKURAI 1958).

15 20 25 30 Fig. 3. 4, the solid lines are semi-empirical fits to the data based on a model of photon coupling to vector mesons. The dashed lines are based on a model in which the nucleon has a hard core. • FRIEDMAN • DE VRIES • LEHMANN as qZ IOHcm-r Fig. 4. The magnetic form factor of the neutron GMn vs q' (HAND 1963) This model does not fit the data (HAND 1963). In Fig. 5 are shown the proton form factors including results at high momentum transfers (CHEN 1963). 6) Gs = 1/2 (Gp + Gn) • To go from a proton to a neutron state requires a rotation of 180 0 in isospin space.

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