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By Rob Manning

The firsthand account of the pains and tribulations of engineering one of the main advanced items of house expertise, the Mars Rover interest, by way of its leader engineer Rob Manning

In the process our enduring quest for wisdom approximately ourselves and our universe, we have not came upon solutions to at least one of our so much basic questions: Does lifestyles exist wherever else within the universe? Ten years and billions of greenbacks within the making, the Mars Rover interest is poised to reply to this all-important question.

In Mars Rover interest: An inside of Account from Curiosity's leader Engineer, Rob Manning, the project's leader engineer, tells of bringing the groundbreaking spacecraft to existence. Manning and his workforce at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, tasked with designing a lander again and again greater and extra advanced than any ahead of, confronted technical setbacks, fights over insufficient assets, and the demanding situations of prime a military of superb, passionate, and sometimes pissed off experts.

Manning's attention-grabbing own account--which comprises details from his particular interviews with prime interest scientists--is choked with stories of progressive feats of technological know-how, know-how, and engineering. Readers adventure firsthand the disgruntlement at encountering continual technical difficulties, the ache of close to defeat, the feel of victory at discovering leading edge strategies to those difficulties, the sheer terror of staking careers and reputations on a lander that could not be confirmed on the earth, and the frenzy of triumph at its winning landing on Mars on August five, 2012. this is often the tale of patience, commitment, and unrelenting interest.

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Though we thought of them as “soft landers,” they still hit the surface at a brisk speed. Any slower and there would be a risk that the force of the supersonic plume from the descent engines would have time to dig holes into the ground, which the lander’s legs could fall into. If a lander came down where the ground was too tilted, it could tip and roll over. If there were excessively large rocks, they could puncture the lander body or even one of the pressurized fuel tanks, possibly causing an explosion.

The spacecraft had fallen victim to the one of the simplest possible mistakes. It was equipped with tiny thrusters to keep its solar panel facing the sun. But knowing that tiny nudges from these thrusters would also ever so slightly nudge the spacecraft off course, the team’s navigators asked that the spacecraft team keep track of and report the small forces of the thruster firings as the spacecraft journeyed to Mars. The reports were to be given in SI (metric) units called Newtons. Because of a programming oversight in the software used by the spacecraft team, the force data had been mistakenly delivered to the navigation team in English units, pounds.

Avoiding Splat Chapter 4. The Birth of MSL Chapter 5. Looking Ahead to Putting People on Mars Chapter 6. The Challenges of Landing Chapter 7. The Right Kind of Crazy Chapter 8. Scientists at Work Chapter 9. The Challenges of Instrument Creation Chapter 10. Where the Devil Lives Chapter 11. It’s All About the People Chapter 12. Bad to Worse Chapter 13. Up Against a Brick Wall Chapter 14. Shutdown and Restart Chapter 15. The Final Stretch Chapter 16. Gremlins Chapter 17. On Mars! Chapter 18. The Scientific Findings Appendix NASA’s Mars Missions Acknowledgments Two planets, near twins, created simultaneously out of the same brew at the birth of the universe, both captured in orbit around the same bright star.

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