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3/Finoncing Your Shelter Needs 21 tive housing are of vital importance. They must be taken into account, not only in the operational stage by management, but from the very beginning, in the planning stage. A cooperative is a blending of professionals and volunteers working together to provide the community life that is possible when something is owned by all who use it. A housing cooperative may be of new construction or the rehabilitation of existing buildings. The latter is usually a conversion cooperative where a rental project is turned over to the people who live in it.

Note that the farther the tree is from the west side of the house, the taller it must be. Good summer shading on the west side can also be obtained from a dense high hedge of Dec. 21, 12 Noon TREES To Avoid Shading Wall (on South side) ht For trees whose ht South <___ =H -oJ L l~~~st At least 4 x H - - - - I FIGURE 5-4a =H 5/Site Planning and Use of On-Site R esources June 22 , 4:30 PM 53 TREES To Ensure Shading Wall (on West side) ht = H West \ , - -_ _..... FIGURE 5-4b r HILLS & MOUNTAINS Dec .

Incorporate under the guidance of the technical assistance group working with you. 8. Begin your own project. chapter 4 SOME PROBLEMS TO OVERCOMECODES, APPEALS, PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE, AND CONTRACTOR RESISTANCE by ALEX WADE Building or renovating a house these days is a major challenge. This is one of the reasons professional contractors charge so much for their services. lse of your own is an "inflation-proof" investment. Also, if you build a small and efficient house, your costs in time, energy, and materials will be far less.

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