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Battlefields of Canada

Battlefields of Canada encompasses approximately three hundred years of historical past and contours 16 of the main major Canadian battles in addition to essentially the most comedian or strange. Profusely illustrated with sketches, photos, and designated maps, each one bankruptcy units the context of the conflict when it comes to the fight of which it used to be half, after which describes the hour-by-hour occasions.

Wrong Side of the Law: True Stories of Crime

English financial institution robbers at the run happen in Newfoundland. A mythical Nova Scotia detective suits wits with smugglers. within the West the Mounties song down bandits and rustlers. Vancouver cops seek out the bank-robbing Hyslop Gang within the Thirties. A decade later the Polka Dot Gang rampages throughout Southern Ontario.

The Golden Spruce: A True Story of Myth, Madness, and Greed

Whilst a shattered kayak and camping out equipment are discovered on an uninhabited island within the Pacific Northwest, they reignite a secret surrounding a surprising act of protest. 5 months prior, logger-turned-activist provide Hadwin had plunged bare right into a river in British Columbia's Queen Charlotte Islands, towing a chainsaw.

The Voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh Challenge to Canada's Colour Bar

In could 1914, four hundred Sikhs left for British Columbia by way of chartered send, resolved to assert their correct to equivalent remedy with white voters of the British Empire and strength access into Canada. They have been anchored off Vancouver for over months, enduring severe actual privation and harrassment by way of immigration officers, yet defying federal deportation orders even if the Canadian executive tried to implement them with a gunboat.

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Even after the Conservatives took the helm in Ottawa, they left most ‘liberal’ concerns alone. Harper and his posse may not be the number-one fans of pot-smoking gays who want to get married, but heck, why bother changing now? Canada likes to think of itself as peaceable, and it keeps its military involvement fairly low-key. The country has a total of 2900 troops overseas, with most of those in Afghanistan working for the NATO-led International Assistance Security Force. As of August 2007, 70 soldiers had died in the operation.

This one was a real cliff-hanger: Québecois decided by 52,000 votes – a razor-thin majority of less than 1% – to remain within Canada. The voices of separatism seemed silenced, especially after the PQ lost its decade-long grip on power to Jean Charest’s Liberals in the 2003 Québec elections. But the movement made a fairly strong showing once again in 2004’s national elections. 9%. Separatism, it seems, is likely to stay on Québec’s – and by extension, Canada’s – agenda for some time to come. British Columbia (BC), created in 1866 by merging the colonies of New Caledonia and Vancouver Island, was the next frontier.

It was the Beothuk Aboriginals and their ceremonially ochre-coated faces who were dubbed ‘red men’ by arriving Europeans, a name soon applied to all of North America’s indigenous groups. The action heated up again in the late 15th century. In 1492, backed by the Spanish crown, Christopher Columbus went searching for a western sea route to Asia and instead stumbled upon some small islands in the Bahamas. Other European monarchs, excited by his ‘discovery,’ quickly sponsored expeditions of their own.

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