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By V. Yang, M. Habiballah, M. Popp, J. Hulka

This is often the 1st significant ebook on liquid-rocket combustion units considering that 1960. a complete of 26 chapters ready by means of world-renowned specialists of their topic components are incorporated. every one bankruptcy specializes in a particular point of liquid-propellant combustion and thrust chamber dynamics, and is integrated into the amount in a well-organized, cohesive demeanour. There are contributions from 9 varied nations - China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, and the USA

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The liquid flows out of the nozzle exit as a thin sheet whose thickness and spreading angle are independent of the pressure drop in a wide range of its variations, and the initial section has the shape of a single-cavity hyperboloid. The thickness of the sheet decreases farther downstream. It loses its stability and disintegrates into droplets according to the mechanism described in Ref. 3. It should be noted that under typical chamber conditions of a modern LRE, the liquid sheet from a swirl injector does not have enough time to get thin and to lose its stability since the aerodynamic effects of the surrounding high-pressure turbulent flow tends to disintegrate the liquid sheet more effectively.

BAZAROV, V. YANG, P. , fractional area occupied by liquid in nozzle ^ — phase angle of element in the assembly fl = amplitude of liquid surface wave (o — radian frequency Subscripts a — axial c = combustion chamber eq = equivalent e = nozzle exit exp = experimental ext = external Purchased from American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics DESIGN AND DYNAMICS OF JET AND SWIRL INJECTORS 21 /= propellant feed system fl = flow fr — friction g-gas gg = gas generator gl — gas-liquid id = ideal / = injector in = inlet 7 = Jet k = head end of vortex chamber / — liquid m = liquid vortex mix = mixing N, n = nozzle out = outlet r = radial s = vortex chamber sp = spray sw = swirl T = inlet passage t = tangential spacing between injectors th = nozzle throat u = circumferential w = wall, wave v = saturated vapor vc = vortex chamber X = total 0 = initial conditions 1 = exit conditions oo == infinite value Superscripts - = dimensionless parameter ' — pulsation component I.

BAZAROV, V. YANG, P. PURI 28 6 r-\ a) b) Fig. 5 Monopropellant swirl injectors with a) screw conveyer and b) tangential passages. It determines the injector flow coefficient //,, the nozzle filling coefficient 9, the spray cone angle at the cylindrical nozzle exit, and other output parameters. A table of expressions for calculating these parameters is given in Ref. 7. In addition, there are some secondary parameters, which are of importance in determining the liquid flow residence time and viscous losses in injectors.

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