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Adam asked suspiciously. Levi scowled as a flash of heat hit his cheeks. ” “Doesn’t look like nothing, Remington,” Adam said, using his Ranger nickname. ” That had led to Remington Steele jokes and the nickname, which was eventually shortened to just Remington. “Looks like you’re thinking about her again. Ms. X, right? ” “Not particularly,” Levi told him. And he hadn’t been thinking about Ms. X—he’d been thinking about Natalie, but it was probably better if he didn’t share that little tidbit with Adam.

He grinned. ” Natalie chuckled. “It’s a quirk, I’ll admit. But…” She shrugged helplessly. ” Admiration along with something else, something less easily defined, sparked in that golden gaze. ” He straightened. ” Right, Natalie thought. It was time to get going…on a relationship that could go nowhere. But, perversely, she looked forward to the ride. WHILE Natalie paused to chat with a couple on the beach, Levi took the opportunity to call his brother and ream his ass. “Lying bastard,” he hissed into the phone.

He was invested in his career. It was a no-win situation that had disaster written all over it. Pity it didn’t make him want her any less. “Anyway,” Adam continued, “we’ve played Tonk and hung out. It’s been nice. Nat’s easy company. She doesn’t ask a lot of questions I don’t want to answer, you know? ” For someone who was so outgoing, Adam was intensely private, played his cards close to his vest and kept a tight circle of friends. No doubt Natalie understood that and treated him accordingly. She wouldn’t ask him a lot of prying questions, she’d just be there, which was, no doubt, exactly what his brother needed at the moment.

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