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By Alasdair Allan

Get the hands-on adventure you must software for the iPhone and iPod contact. With this easy-to-follow consultant, you'll construct numerous pattern purposes by means of studying the way to use Xcode instruments, the Objective-C programming language, and the center frameworks. earlier than you recognize it, you'll not just have the talents to strengthen your individual apps, you'll understand how to sail during the strategy of filing apps to the iTunes App shop.

Whether you're a developer new to Mac programming or an skilled Mac developer able to take on the iPhone and iPod contact, Learning iPhone Programming provides you with a head commence on construction market-ready iPhone apps.
* commence utilizing Xcode at once, and how you can paintings with Interface Builder
* benefit from model-view-controller (MVC) structure with Objective-C
* construct a data-entry interface, and parse and shop the knowledge you obtain
* remedy normal difficulties whereas construction quite a few not easy pattern apps
* comprehend the calls for and information of App shop and advert hoc distribution
* Use iPhone's accelerometer, proximity sensor, GPS, electronic compass, and digicam
* combine your app with iPhone's choice pane, media playback, and more

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So, you cannot always assume that a given class is derived from NSObject. After that first line, the instance variable declarations appear within curly braces. Following that, we have the declaration of properties and methods associated with the class. h> @interface HelloWorldViewController : UIViewController { UIButton *button; UILabel *label; } @property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet UILabel *label; -(IBAction)sayHello:(id) sender; @end The #import statement is not technically part of the class declaration.

Objective-C Basics I talk in detail about how Objective-C applications are normally structured in Chapter 4. However, in this chapter, although I do get into Objective-C’s sometimes quirky syntax, I’m going to give you a higher-level overview of the language to get you going quickly. Object-Oriented Programming If you’ve heard someone explain object orientation before, the distinction between the terms class and object may not be totally clear. However, there is a difference. A class is the blueprint for objects; each time you create an object, the class definition determines its structure.

Messages are enclosed in square brackets; the object receiving the message is on the left and the parameters are on the right, with the parameter following a colon. If the method accepts more than one argument, this is explicitly named, and the second parameter follows a second colon. This allows multiple methods with the same name and argument types to be defined. [anObject someMethod]; [anObject someMethod: anotherObject]; [anObject someMethod: anotherObject withAnotherArgument: yetAnotherObject]; The name of the method is the concatenation of the method name and any additional named arguments.

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