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By R. Lukens-Bull

This venture seems to be on the paintings of the college in Indonesia's nationwide Islamic Institutes to handle, reply, and stop the luck of radical Islamic discourse and establishment of Shari'a legislations within the institution method.

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Individual study may be used at the beginning of a student’s time for remedial training in basic skills, such as reading and writing Arabic script. Advanced students work directly with the kyai on individual areas of specialization. One form of group lesson focuses on creating the basic study tools needed for the rest of a student’s career as a religious scholar. These tools are called kitab kuning, or “yellow books” referring to the cheap paper upon which they are printed. The term refers to what van Bruinessen has called the classical texts of Islam (1990: 229).

One way to distinguish between dialects is mutual intelligibility. In the context of religion, “intelligibility” does not simply entail mutual understanding but refers to recognizing someone as being on the correct path. However, claims of nonintelligibility may be exaggerated in religion as well as in language. 2 Similarly, it is common enough to encounter circumstances in which Muslims may deny that the practices of other Muslims are properly called Islam. Certainly the Ahmadiyya “dialect” is one that certain other Muslims would not recognize because of its acknowledgment of a prophet after Muhammad.

The International Crisis Group (ICG) is not quite right when they say the term is used in two ways (2004: 2). In Indonesian discourse, a distinction is made between salaf and salafi, with the former referring primarily to pesantren which teach only religion and the latter to Islamists. More specifically, salaf, identifies pesantren with a strong emphasis on mysticism; students frequently meditate by the founder’s grave to absorb barakah (blessing but with a physical quality). Therefore, in Indonesian discourse, one letter changes the meaning 180 degrees.

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