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By Heike C. Alberts, Helen D. Hazen

A global group of lecturers and skilled practitioners right here assemble scholarship on educational migrants to the us - the world's most sensible recipient of educational expertise. They study the multidirectional migration styles of educational migrants, edition demanding situations, and the jobs performed by means of overseas scholars and school.

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And this year they upped the financial aid for everyone . . So this year it costs the same amount to send me to Harvard as it does to send my sister to Leeds, if you factor in the housing, the food . . it costs pretty much the same . . I think the financial system [in the United States] is very beneficial . . because the way they work it out, you pay what you can afford. Theoretically, it shouldn’t be a barrier to anyone. 34 R u s s e l l K i ng e t a l . While one might quibble about the precise figures and economic calculations in the quotations above, the key point is that funding in the United States, especially for graduate programs, is more generous and readily available than in the United Kingdom.

Sally had done a year of history at Cambridge but then took a break before transferring to Columbia for the rest of her degree because she wanted broader training for her intended career as an international affairs journalist: The workload is just insane . . This is a lot more work than I ever, ever remember there being at Cambridge . . So the downside is the quantity of the work but . . I love the work but . . I don’t have any time to eat or sleep! The intensive work schedule and consequent lack of social life— especially for undergraduates, it seems—stand in contrast to the impression gained from Waters and Brooks’ (2010) research, which argues for understanding degree-mobile British students as “accidental achievers” for whom the desire to prolong a “carefree student lifestyle” was often a key factor.

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