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It should be noted that in all of my time in these schools, I was only aware of one teacher who was ‘out’ as being Burakumin. Until around 2000 it was rare for a Burakumin youth to go on to college and far rarer for them to become teachers (Ikeda, 2001). Finding teachers to work in Dowa schools is not easy; few are so inclined. First of all, community and parental pressure on teachers who are not overtly supportive of Dowa education can be devastating and lead to ostracisation. While teacher rotation, as mentioned above, is systematically organised, teachers feign illness or incompatibility in order to be 34 Mapping Inequalities in the Teaching Profession transferred out of Dowa schools.

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These individuals enjoy higher status and rate of pay but still lack full access to school policy and practices and they are not considered teachers. They are also resented by the foreign-born intermediaries, who perceive that they, the foreign born, have greater knowledge of the Newcomer families and are able to penetrate and relate to the community but are not rewarded for such. The hierarchy of national versus non-national is outdistanced only by the pecking order among immigrants themselves, not only among countries but within.

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