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By Amber Wolfe

Mixing old shamanistic knowledge with glossy religious traditions, Amber Wolfe is helping readers forge their very own own connection to shamanic worlds. This consultant to shamanism— packed with examples of guided trips, secrets and techniques of shamanic divination, visualization thoughts, therapeutic practices, spells, rituals, and recipes—provides all one must start dancing within the shadow of the shaman.

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But, of course, she did. I carry that pewter wolf in my pipe bag as a reminder of the strength and the ferocious energy of that power animal. Dancing with some power animals is a lot like having a tiger by the tail. Better to start out with a cub and grow up together. Believe me, it happens fast enough. You won't have to wait long. When you have begun a shamanic connection with a totem from any of the worlds, you may want to ceremonially formalize the relationship. You can do this by adopting the totem as your own.

Sacred Care/ 37 Light the candle and take a few moments to consider the element of Fire. Consider the gifts that Fire reflects in you. Take a few moments to consider the element of Water and how it reflects in you. Take a few moments to consider the element of Earth and how it reflects in you. Very gently, pour the water into the container of salt. If you are using herbs as an incense, you may sprinkle a few in the water and salt mixture. Stir the salt and water with your fingers. Consider the blending of elements that creates life itself.

Elemental astrology provides a useful system to determine your needs. For example, my astrological elements are heavily weighted toward Air, Sacred Objects /15 with Fire and Water coming in second together. The element of Earth is barely represented. To balance things out, I try to work with Earth totems. This may be why so many totems from the Mineral World seem to follow me home. Many times we discover that our higher Self has already begun some of our work for us on the shamanic path. Another way to find totem items is to buy them.

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