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But finding fellow mem- to India. They had a group of 21 holy books, the Aves- bers of the faith to marry can be difficult. The vast ta. These books were destroyed by Mongolian, Turk- size of America makes this doubly hard for the faith- ish, and Arabian invaders. The only remaining reli- ful in this country. Several Internet bulletin boards gious texts were commentaries and translations of and Web sites are making use of new technology to the texts. Today, the greatest global concentration of make it easier for Zoroastrians to find each other.

Local Christian fundamentalist people and groups, who did not agree with his teachings, also did not like having him around. At one point Rajneesh had a fleet of 93 Rolls Royces and had invited thousands of street people to live in his commune. He expected 46 Hindu and Sikh Faiths in Americ a them to establish residence and vote in the local elections. The federal government and Oregon state officials began to take a look at Rajneesh’s operation as complaints rose about his lifestyle. In 1985, Rajneesh accused his secretary, Ma Anand Sheela, of crimes against his devotees and called the police.

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