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By C. W. Leadbeater

Written for the handful of Masons who search to appreciate the real occult-theosophical workings of Freemasonry. Contents: historical past of Masonry; The resort; The Fittings of the inn; initial Ceremonies; the hole of the resort; Initiation; the second one measure; The 3rd measure; the better levels; amazing Rituals; last the hotel. Leadbeater finds how the Masonic ritual is a systematic manner of energizing the Masonic resort and its trustworthy participants so one can lead to an attunement with the good White hotel. (Another e-book we submit by means of Leadbeater, ''Glimpses of Masonic HIstory'' is an element of the ''Hidden lifestyles in Freemasonry''.)

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Let us hope that Freemasonry will have a future worthy of its past, and that before long such Lodges as they had in Egypt will be working in many parts of the world. 77. There are various lines along which the recollection of the way in which the work was done in ancient Egypt may be of use to us, for those people performed their ceremonies with full knowledge of their meaning, and so the points upon which they laid great stress are likely to be important to us also. 78. Deep reverence was their strongest characteristic.

This arrangement is derived from the Chaldaean system. 195. Several writers have made persistent attempts to attach a phallic signification to these two pillars; I can only say that in the course of a prolonged investigation by means of the inner sight we found no trace of the attribution of any such meaning. 196. CHAPTER III 197. THE FITTINGS OF THE LODGE 198. THE ORNAMENTS 199. “THE interior fittings of a Freemason’s Lodge”, says the CoMasonic ritual, “comprise the ornaments, the furniture and the jewels.

126. Of the three Greek columns the Doric is the simplest. Its shaft has twenty shallow flutings, and its height is eight times its diameter. It has no base, and the capital is solid and quite plain. In the entablature, which is not usually reproduced in the officers’ pillars, its frieze is characterized by triglyphs, representing the ends of joists, and metopes, representing rafters, and its cornice exhibits mutules. This column is considered to be formed after the model of a muscular full-grown man; it shows strength and noble simplicity.

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