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By Ernesto ''Che'' Guevara, Marc Becker

This fundamental e-book comprises 3 of Che Guevara’s so much influential essays describing his tactical philosophy of struggling with a guerrilla conflict in Latin the US. Guerrilla Warfare, written in 1960, outlines Guevara’s doctrine for guerrilla combatants, specifically opposed to Caribbean-style dictatorships. In Guerrilla struggle: A Method (1963) and Message to the Tricontinental (1967), Guevara converted a few of his prior tenets. those latter works flow clear of his prior dogmatism, suggesting that Marxist revolution was once attainable even in purportedly democratic regimes. All 3 essays replicate his deeply held trust small, rural-based guerrilla military may set off a revolution.

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In night attacks marksmanship is not the determining factor, but rather concentration of fire; the more automatic arms firing at short distance, the more possibilities there are of annihilating the enemy. Also, the use of mines in roads and the destruction of bridges are tactics of great importance. html [8/24/2007 10:52:11 AM] Document Page 31 can be very violent, and they can utilize different arms, such as mines and the shotgun. Against open vehicles heavily loaded with men, which is the usual method of transporting troops, and even against closed vehicles that do not have special defensesagainst buses, for examplethe shotgun is a tremendous weapon.

The first mine that we exploded was a bomb dropped from an aircraft of the dictatorship. We adapted it by inserting various caps and adding a gun with the trigger pulled by a cord. At the moment that an enemy truck passed, the weapon was fired to set off the explosion. These techniques can be developed to a high degree. html [8/24/2007 10:52:07 AM] Document Page 24 ple tele-explosive mines, that is, mines exploded by radio at great distances from the point where they are located, are being used today against the French colonial power.

A fundamental part of guerrilla tactics is the treatment accorded the people of the zone. html [8/24/2007 10:52:07 AM] Document Page 25 forming or believing that they perform a military duty. It is a good policy, so long as there are no considerable bases of operations and invulnerable places, to take no prisoners. Survivors ought to be set free. The wounded should be cared for with all possible resources at the time of the action. Conduct toward the civil population ought to be regulated by a large respect for all the rules and traditions of the people of the zone, in order to demonstrate effectively, with deeds, the moral superiority of the guerrilla fighter over the oppressing soldier.

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