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By Mendeltje van Keulen

The eu Union has a huge effect at the govt and guidelines of its member states. it's therefore astounding that the ways that nationwide governments try to form ecu guidelines is a subject heavily understudied. This ebook discusses proper educational insights and provides a framework for analysing nationwide curiosity illustration. The empirical half discusses the european coverage of the Dutch govt through the Nineties and offers a reconstuction of the negotiations on inner marketplace directives. It thereby bargains either for teachers and practitioners a transparent oversight of the making of ecu poliices and the suitable moments and tools for nationwide curiosity illustration.

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In other words: the image of ever-vigilant, comprehensively prepared member state principals is misleading (Kassim and Menon 2002). §4. Discussion The debate between the classical theories of European integration tends to sketch contrasting scenarios: the EU would be stuck between the two extreme poles of ‘international organisation’ on the one hand and ‘super state’ on the other hand. ‘Those writing within the intergovernmentalist tradition stress the perennial capacity of the member states to control developments in the EU, while their adversaries emphasize the ability of the EU institutions to extend their own power at the expense of the member states’ (Menon 2003, 172).

It can be expected that participants of Commission expert committees, which are generally not sent by their respective governments to present a national mandate, but are invited by the Commission services for reason of their personal expertise do not co-ordinate their position at home before departing to these venues. However, the survey shows that these participants, if government officials, do take into account national considerations (for example the fit between the issue at the table and relevant national rules) not much less than Council working group participants.

More recent analyses see interests as more variable and dynamic. An appealing picture of how interests are formed by the constant process of interaction between the international and the national level is offered by ‘two-level games’. In this analogy of international relations as simultaneous 9) Eurosclerosis refers to the stagnation of the policy process in the 1970s as a result of political tensions and economic recession (Dinan 2005, 69). 25 Going Europe or Going Dutch chess games, national representatives act on two tables: the domestic and international (Putnam 1988, Evans et al.

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