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By Ernst J. Van Jaarsveld

Heavily concerning aloes and haworthias, gasterias are shade-loving, drought-tolerant succulents endemic to southern Africa. They adapt good to indoor stipulations and feature hence develop into well known apartment vegetation.

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8. 9. 1. Loss of r or I from Masculine Prefixes A number of the pronominal prefixes that indicate a masculine agent or patient may be analyzed as containing the underlying sequence hr or hI in Mohawk and Oneida. A partial list of these prefixes follows in (55); the solidus (I) separates alternants that are not accounted for by the processes described here. Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca have lost the *r of the prefixes. For example, corresponding to Mohawk hra-Iha- (MA), they have constant ha-. ) (55) hrahro-/hraw-/hrahrati-/hru-/hrun- 7 hroti-/hron- hri-/hriyhruwa-/hruway~ masculine singular agent (MA) masculine singular patient (MP) masculine plural agent (MpA) masculine plural patient (MpP) first person singular agent acting on a masculine singular patient (11M) feminine-indefinite or 3rd person nonsingular agent acting on masculine singular patient (F1M, Mdp/M, Zdp/M) All of these prefixes have alternants without r.

In addition, accent was not penultimate if the penult contained the epenthetic "joiner" vowel a, which separated a consonantfinal incorporated noun root from a following consonant-initial verb root. , the antepenult was accented, and an open accented antepenult was lengthened (- VCCaCVC" # or - V' CaCVC:, #, where a represents the joiner vowel and CC represents a cluster of two or more consonants). I This chapter describes to what extent each of the LI languages has preserved the PLI pattern and the development of new accent and vowel lengthening rules that led to more patterns in each language.

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