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By Patricia J. Telesco

For natural gardeners, for magickal practitioners, for individuals strolling within the Goddess culture, this publication blends earth-friendly ways with sound metaphysical equipment for robust and significant effects. within the pages of Gardening with the Goddess you will discover rules approximately: -Land benefits and turning any backyard right into a sacred area. -How to take advantage of better half planting successfully with any Goddess backyard. -Crystal and moon gardening equipment. -Creating your individual insect repellants and usual fertilizers. even if you reside in a small house or have a tremendous backyard, Gardening with the Goddess offers a wealth of rules for every little thing from tiny window ledge efforts to complete landscaping projects... and every undertaking can develop into a kind of religious remedy the place you reconnect with the sacredness of self, earth, and Spirit.

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A neat idea is to pile some of these stones into a cairn-like structure to recount Amaterasu's story. C<:>t<:>l"S The sun's colors are also those associated with the Fire Element, namely yellow, yellow gold, red, and orange. Any plants, stones, or borders with these colors make suitable sub­ stitutes for those mentioned. c;;"-e$ Consider a mirror or mirrored wind chimes (to create dancing music), woven fabric items such as small flags (because Amaterasu wove garments for the gods), or an iron garden spike topped with a glass sun or a votive-styled candle holder (the flame honors the goddess).

So long as you work gently and reverently with your garden-with purpose, determination, and focus-you can achieve the same kinds of results as through any of these processes. 36 GQ... k l:ke Goclcle$$ GODDESS OF EARTH AND ALL GOODNESS, TO YOU. ed. J I COME HEAR MY PRAYER. TODAY I HAVE STARTED A GARDEN WITH HANDS AND HEART­ A GARDEN IN WHICH TO GROW. I WANT YOUR ENERGY BLESS THESE EFFORTS. LET YOUR SOILS BE RICH, YOUR PLANTS ABUNDANT, YOUR SUNLIGHT WARM, AND YOUR RAINS GENTLE. LET THE LAND AND MY SPIRIT FLOURISH WITH THE MAGICK CREATED HERE.

These include carnation, chamomile, chrysanthemum, juniper, marigold, rosemary, and sunflower. Bear in mind if you use sunflowers that they're very tall. These are best put toward the back of your garden where they won't block your view or create too much shade for the sun-loving plants surrounding them . o" Amaterasu comes to us from Japan, specifically the Shinto Buddhist tradition. Her name means shining heaven. She rules all other gods and goddesses and protects and unifies the people of Japan.

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