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By Warren M. Elofson

Frontier livestock Ranching within the Land and instances of Charlie Russell is a fascinating, sprightly comparability of ranching reviews in Montana and Alberta/Assiniboia from 1880 to 1920. Elofson argues that those frontiers had a lot in universal. Montana is published to have a extra sedate, and no more wild, cultural culture than is remembered. Alberta/Assiniboia is proven to have a rowdier, extra "western" ranching tradition than is usually said. The local stereotypes―of American individualism, lawlessness, and self-reliance, and of Canadian legislations and order―are exaggerated.

Elofson examines the lives of cowboys and ranch proprietors through the short-lived free-range period with its outsized spreads. He seems on the incidence of drunkenness, prostitution, gunplay, and rustling in either localities and make contact with with the intended civilities of tennis courts, grand pianos, ostentatious dinners, and fancy balls in either regions.

Elofson drawns upon the art, brief tales, and legend of Charlie Russell, a cowboy and rancher who moved among the areas, to demonstrate his aspect.

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The economic reasoning of the promoters was also echoed in the report almost verbatim. ” 39 The reporters also estimated that there was no danger of the range being used up in the foreseeable future. ” The commissioners’ views appeared in a number of British newspapers63 and no doubt helped entice investors such as Alexander Staveley Hill, Lord Lathom, and Sir John Walrond, who were members of the political elite. Indeed, the report may even have influenced Cochrane, who spent a good portion of his life in England.

70 It warned that ranching was efficient enough to eventually threaten the entire British livestock industry to the core. “The introduction of ‘Range’ cattle into England is to that country … more than a commercial question. It is a social and political as well as an economic one. 72 The report blatantly denied this. ”73 This kind of reasoning, which became endemic, treated the entire plains as if they were one environmental region. In 1890, even after ranchers had seen their cattle reduced year after year in the north by winter blizzards and a host of other natural calamities, a pamphleteer applied all the earlier assumptions about the virtues of the West directly to the Canadian West.

Book Page 16 Tuesday, March 16, 2004 8:15 AM 16 Frontier Cattle Ranching Cowboy on Circle Ranch of Conrad brothers, who operated on both sides of the border A number of individuals and companies also arrived from the eastern states in these years to start up large ranches. 11 J. J. C. S. 16 Unquestionably the most renowned easterner to sink money into large-scale Western grazing was the future president of the United States Theodore Roosevelt. 17 He did not stay very long, however. 19 Considerable numbers of not-so-distant easterners from the Montana side of the Mississippi River (“mid-westerners”) also established cattlegrazing operations at this time.

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