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For acid-loving plants, the fertilizer used should give an acid reaction. Most garden centers will have a brand specifically recommended for acid-loving plants. When to Fertilize The best time to apply fertilizer is at the time the soil is being prepared for planting. At that time the fertilizer can be thoroughly worked into the soil. Often, one application in the spring is all that is needed. For some plants that are heavy feeders, a second application just after bloom starts will give an added boost.

CRASSULACEAE DC. (Orpine Family) DESCRIPTION: About 30 genera of succulent dictoyledonous herbs, rarely shrubs, widely distributed; leaves fleshy; simple; flowers usually 5-merous, in cymes, spikes, racemes, or panicles; sepals and petals separate or united; stamens as many or twice as many as the petals; ovary superior, made up of several carpels that separate to near the base. GENERA: Sedum. CRUCIFERAE Juss. (Mustard Family) DESCRIPTION: A large family of about 3 50 genera of dicotyledonous pungent or acrid herbs of wide distribution; leaves alternate, flowers in terminal racemes or corymbs,usually perfect, regular; sepals 4, deciduous; petals 4, their spreading limbs forming a cross; stamens 6, 2 of these shorter and inserted lower than the other 4; pistil of 2 carpels; ovary superior; fruit 2-celled, called a silique if elongated and cylindrical, or a silicle if short and flat.

CANNACEAE Juss. (Canna Family) DESCRIPTION: A single genus of monocotyledonous herbs, native to tropical and subtropical regions; leaves alternate, simple, entire, with sheathing petioles; flowers in terminal spikes, racemes, or panicles, red or yellow, with a peculiar structure; sepals 3, small, overlapping; petals 3, erect or reflexed, sepal-like, more or less united at base; fertile stamen 1, petal-like, bearing a half anther on one side; staminodes 1 to 4, petal-like, an inner one reflexed and forming a lip; ovary inferior; fruit a capsule.

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