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Characteristic interplay is a phenomenon famous to the designers of contemporary feature-rich mobilephone switching platforms (public or private). This phenomenon happens whilst one function modifies or subverts the operation of one other one. This paintings brings jointly representatives of the telecommunications undefined, the software program undefined, and the study neighborhood, engaged on quite a few elements of the matter as a way to talk about attainable options and their functional functions, in addition to surroundings instructions for extra examine.

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It allows for the grouping of people and devices. It allows for many people and many devices to be offered the same call at the same time. It allows for each entity to invoke their own set of features and policies at the same time for the same call. Aphrodite has no call object with a state machine that gets acted upon. Aphrodite has the concept of a session per call leg. It has a call record that contains transient data. Each agent has a state machine that acts upon messages. Each agent also has its own trigger table for invoking features.

05, for example, says that when two terminals are communicating, if the call initiator hangs up then her party gets a busy tone. Notice that using two predicates (caller and callee) for the communication state preserves a useful information about who initiated the call during the communication. More technically, it makes the specification less concise but provides a status to each phone (a predicate provides a status to its first parameter and in a normal state, each phone should have at least one status) and avoids symmetric predicates.

They do not exactly address the same classes of problems. Of course, this approach needs a good interfacing of these two aspects, and compatible tools. A difficulty of importance is to translate data from one phase to the other. In the following, we give some motivations for our choices, and sketch out how they can fit in our generic process. The design phase is based on finite-state machines described by means of formulas of two kinds: state transition rules (STR) and state invariants (I). This is a rather classical approach in the field of specifications of service-oriented telecommunication systems [12, 14].

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