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The industrial outcomes and demise make earthquake failures catastrophic anyplace on the planet. Seismic retrofitting, or fix, of structures is an integral part for mitigating the consequences of earthquakes.This cutting-edge record reports and introduces the most recent layout recommendations and strategies for seismic retrofitting in the course of the international, with emphasis at the use of fastening structures

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300J300 f *f *f T ^ 600 175x90x5x8 PL 12 | IO0J3OO Spiral wire D6 @ 125 (a) Bonded anchor Stud bolts (b) /(mm) D16 D19 > 128 > 152 150 mm = 250 mm (c) Fig. 40. Seismic retrofitting using framed steel braces: (a) joint steel bracing system; (b) detail of mortar joint corner (JBDPA, 1990c). All dimensions in mm. (Example: D 16 @ 150 denotes deformed bar, dia. 16 mm at 150 mm spacing) 31 Copyright © ICE Publishing, all rights reserved. FASTENINGS FOR SEISMIC RETROFITTING where y Y s V su s u y Vc Vj v ' mu K : : : : : : : : : shear capacity of retrofitted wall with framed steel braces shear capacity of steel braces or steel panel shear capacity of column in tension shear capacity of column in compression shear capacity of anchor bolts or stud bolts installed between beam and steel frame below direct shear capacity of column in tension ultimate flexural strength of retrofitted wall ultimate flexural moment of framed steel brace height of the wall Overflow -Steel frame Form^C ; - - Packing Non-shrink m o r t a r ^ \ |> Caulking [•• cjt^ ^rij Non-shrink mortar grouting -Caulking ~7/ Existing beam (b) Pressure grouting (pressure: 0-3 - 0 5 MPa) (a) Fig.

Although the columns eventually failed in shear at the end of the test, they were able to maintain their gravity loadcarrying capacity due to the strengthening and stiffening effect of the steel channels and anchor rods. 2. Application of fasteners for retrofitting The existing reinforced concrete frame and the framed steel brace are connected with post-installed anchors placed in existing elements, stud bolts welded around the steel frame, and non-shrinkage mortar packed into the connection. Figure 39 portrays typical failure patterns in the joint mortar.

Application of fasteners for retrofitting Column bar splices in older buildings are usually short and poorly confined by transverse reinforcement. Since these lap splices were designed originally as compression splices, they are inadequate to develop the yield strength when subjected to high tensile forces during an earthquake. Steel jacketing technique is one potential method to retrofit such a column. Fig. , 1994). Steel jackets are fabricated in two L-shaped panels in plan. After the installation of the two L-panels around the columns, the two opposite corners are then welded.

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