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By Scott Hubbard

The pink Planet has been an issue of fascination for humanity for millions of years, changing into a part of our folklore and pop culture. the main Earthlike of the planets in our sun procedure, Mars could have harbored a few kind of lifestyles some time past and should nonetheless own an atmosphere in a few underground safe haven. The mysteries of this fourth planet from our sunlight make it of primary value to NASA and its technology targets for the twenty-first century.

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I’ll be in California, Manhattan Beach, on Saturday,” he said. ” “Yes, of course,” I responded. Refusing a direct request from Goldin was considered a career-­limiting move. 18 · Exploring Mars “Okay, put Heffernan back on,” Goldin directed. Ed nodded and made some notes, then hung up. “Here’s the plan,” Ed explained. m. on Saturday. ” “Ah . . ” I inquired tentatively. Ed fixed me with a quizzical stare. “You know somebody has to go fix the Mars mess, don’t you? ” Goldin asked me to come back to NASA Headquarters and fix the mess that the Mars Program had become—as soon as possible.

Finally, of course, there were Ed Weiler, the associate administrator for space science, and his deputy, Earle Huckins. So it was that when I arrived, my observation, something that had been validated by the Tom Young review, was that you could find at least five people at NASA HQ who all firmly believed they were in charge of the Mars Program. This was not the fault of any of these people, all of whom were dedicated government employees and good engineers and scientists. However, over time, various pieces of the Mars Program—individual missions, engineering requirements, science requirements, funding profiles— had become the responsibilities of at least these five people, if not more.

5 percent and 1 percent of the federal budget since 1975, though it has risen, with some ups and downs, since that year in constant dollars. NASA does tend to capture headlines, though. In fact, the round blue NASA “meatball” logo (as it is affectionately known) vies only with Coca-­ Cola and a few other icons for international branding recognition. S. Congress likes to put NASA on the radar screen; unfortunately, this truth has some consequences that may not always be in service to science Mars Is Hard · 9 and technology.

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